Adventures of Squad 45

Innistrad I (8/26/12)

Our story begins in RGMA [Ravnican Guildpact Management Association] headquarters. Their leader, Alexander Cawell brings in a new recruit from the Izzet Guild; Carth Obdurai. The team introduce themselves to Carth in their own ways. Oriana, in particular, went in for a hug causing the war trained mind of Carth to stop the incoming attacker. In the end, however; Oriana got the hug she wanted and was forced to cease clinging thanks to quick thinking by Arul Skarro and a quick spell. The introduction was cut short, though, as a sudden earthquake and flash of light caused the team to pass out.

The party comes to in a decrepit field of withering plants, the smell of wolves is rich in the ground. Off in the distance the party spots a house with smoke billowing out of the chimney. They proceed to the house and knock at the door. They are greeted by an unfamiliar voice belonging to Ava Cyn. She takes an immediate dislike for the party; sensing Amar’s lie. She refuses to allow the party in, but eventually comes out to eye them over after noticing how persistent they are. A quick spell-like flash of light tells her that the party isnt dead. An arugment insues about whether it’s heartless to just leave the party out in the cold before Carth finally speaks up for the rest of the party saying ’they are people who come from luxary who have never experienced war like you or I". Able to relate to Cath; she allows the party to stay in their small, three room building for the night .

In the basement of the building; the party comes across a much more interesting character by the name of Edgar. He is an alchemist, and Ava’s charge, who spends his time finding a cure for famine. He reacts much the same to the wolf as Ava did but was willing to accept the possibilities of a ‘none were’ wolf than the skeptical Ava. He asks for a skin sample to experiment with which the party reluctantly allows…but is shot down when he asks for a blood or skin sample as well as when he asks for the snakes brain with the explanation that the snake seems to have control over the wolf as well as when he asked for Carths brain for being able to communicate with the snake. The party minus Arul, who wanted to stay behind and observe Edgar at work as many Izzet scientists would, head upstairs to the sleeping quarters to meed Edgar’s nephew; Sorin. For the first time since they have met Ava, she breaks down and cries on Sorin’s shoulder. Quickly, though, she pulls herself together and instructs the party on what she expects them to do during night watch.

Part way through the night, after Oriana finishes her shift and falls comfortably back to sleep; she wakes up screaming of night terrors; pleading for her parents that she’s never known. After a few comforting words from Carth and a few hours of lost sleep; the party finally drifts back off to sleep.

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